Chinese Garden Design Ideas

Chinese garden gives out the balance of nature and peaceful of mind of the inhabitants. It screams the balance of yin and yang which gives out positive elements in a distinct unique way that a regular western garden cannot give. Despite its natural theme with rocks, plants and water which are structured in a distinctive way, this type of garden offers comfortable and tranquil atmosphere for you who love serene and inspiring ambiance in your house garden design. If Chinese garden is what you seek, here are some Chinese garden design ideas to help you.

Chinese Garden Design Ideas

Natural is the main characteristics in a Chinese garden design ideas. Rocks, plants, bushes, or shrubs in a Chinese garden need to be pruned in a way that it represents natural landscape which is a richness of Chinese heritage. They are made to represent the unique relationship between the spiritual and the actual, wind swept or naturally formed natural elements are the dominant elements in this garden.

A traditional Chinese garden design idea gives out comfort and tranquility in its own way through its unique lay out. Separations of areas for sitting and reading or a pathway to the main house becomes essential. Those areas are divided into parts by natural dividers such as rocks or plants to give privacy and sense of order in the term of natural balance. Additional western touch will ruin the classic beauty of a Chinese garden since natural and traditional is the soul of it.

Chinese Garden Designs

Chinese respect water as one of the most important elements in life. As a source of life, water is also incorporated in a natural way in Chinese garden design ideas. A naturally designed small rivers or a pond with colorful fishes is one of the basic elements in it. Sometimes, it is surrounded by natural pebble or stones as a pathway and a small bridge as decoration. A pavilion is one distinct characteristic of a Chinese garden which should never been left out.

Cypress and pine are common in Chinese garden design ideas. They are thought to have mystical powers and carry the symbol of balance in nature. Bamboo should never be forgotten in creating a great Chinese garden. They are not just an ornament but they carry significant symbolism of inner strength, resilience and rebirth. Small Chinese garden sometimes use smaller dwarf plants with the same outstanding look if combines with the right natural elements it deserves.

Chinese Garden Design Decorating Ideas

All of the elements in Chinese garden design ideas should in line with the feng shui of the owner and the area itself for the sake of good luck and wisdom. Contact some feng shui experts to help you.

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