Koi Fish Pond Design Ideas

Having colorful Kois in your ponds are wonderful for your garden ideas. Kois will give you the natural and soothing atmosphere just by looking at them happily swimming and swaying around your pond. Adding your pool with waterfall and water plants will definitely gives you the closer to nature sense and it will complement your garden’s attractiveness. If a Koi fish pond is what you seek, here are some Koi fish pond design ideas for your references.

Small Koi Fish Pond Design

Not all kinds of ponds can be inhabited by Kois. Koi fish pond design ideas need to meet special requirements to allow Kois to live comfortably in your pond. Minimum depth of 3 feet needs to be met to give them enough space to swim around in groups. If you want to add more fishes, make sure that you have 25 sq ft area per Koi. It means that you need 100 sq areas if you want to have four Kois. The more Kois you have, the bigger pond you need. Provide enough water for your pond. Kois need at least 1,000 gallons of water.

Kois cannot live under the glare of the sun. They will need shade to protect themselves both from the sun heat and the predators. Add water plants for decorations such as water lilies and other water plants to be the shade and hiding spots for your Kois. Certain water plants can be your Kois’ source of food and oxygen that you do not need to feed them with unhealthy artificial food. Ask for professionals or browse for some more ideas in the net about water plants to help you in choosing the right ones for your Koi fish pond design ideas.

Water should flows naturally in your Koi fish pond design ideas to give aeration or natural circulation of oxygen in the water. Adding oxygen producer plants will not suffice the healthy oxygen needed by your Kois. You need to add a waterfall or artificial water aeration pumps or jets to make sure that the oxygen circulates naturally despite the abundant of oxygen in the water. Not doing so will make your Kois difficult to breath.

Koi Fish Pond Design Ideas

Koi Fish Pond Designs

Adding a filter in your Koi fish pond design ideas will make your pond cleaner from your Kois’ waste. You can have it naturally by adding bacteria in your pond to clean up the waste or do it by mechanical filter which will absorb the waste and debris automatically. If you want to add chlorine in your pond, you better wait until one week before you throw your fishes in since chlorine will kill your fishes. Use de chlorinate chemical for a faster result.

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